Making of A&E’s “Sell This House”

These photos highlight the construction of a 600 square foot #2 grade 3.25 inch wide Red Oak hand-scraped wood floor that DFW Custom Wood Floors completed over two nights while being filmed by a time lapse camera to capture our work. Photos include (all construction steps) as shown in the show segment video and that you will see in our full on line installation video. We suggest that you watch both videos to understand the full process of having a scraped or flat hard wood floor installed in your home. The key to a “great installation” is understanding what to expect during each/every phase of construction of the floor.

The key to “selecting” a trusted contractor is to have that contractor “help you understand what to expect” from start to finish. DFW Custom Wood Floors wants for you to be as educated as possible in the full process (prior to hopefully selecting us) so that you can/will have “piece of mind” when making your contractor selection. Please contact us for any additional questions regarding these photos and the process that we went through to transform this Austin based home in to a home that soon after……..sold on “Sell This House”. Commentary (in the video segment was (not) staged. It contains both before/after comments from prospective home buyers who viewed the cement floor prior and after we installed this site finished hand-scraped wood floor.

Please advise us how we may be able to help you too! Thank you for your interest in DFW Custom Wood Floors! WE are a trusted hand-scraped wood floor and flat natural wood floor installer who wants to share our quality in craftsmanship and reasonably priced wood flooring transformations with you!

Please let us know when we may visit with you to discuss your desired new floor.

Photo Gallery from the Making of A&E’s “Sell This House”

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